This Exercise 4 Mins Daily Will Help You Get A Flat Tummy in 28 Days

Getting fit can be a challenge for some of us. Binge watching series has been the closest we have come to running a marathon. That has however, not stopped us from trying out several methods to get a flat tummy.

Life has been an endless cycle of looking at flat tummy, regretting, grabbing the pastry and comforting yourself. Exercise is all the more difficult. You have to do so many squats and what not. What if we told you just by doing this 1 exercise that too for 28 days you will lose your tummy fat?

1. It’s true not just stomach but also arms, legs, butt muscles can be toned

This is a miracle exercise that has been discovered lately. Lots of people are losing weight with just this 1 exercise called “Plank”. But of course you will have to combine planks with a healthy diet as usual – otherwise all your effort goes into waste.


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