10 Amazing Thigh Tattoos People Are Loving Right Now

Tattoos are definitive of one’s personality. They also represent that you are in full control of your body – it is an act of a rebellion. This is the reason you will see the bikers with tattoos. I don’t know if it is relevant but authorities seem really displeased when they see you with tattoos. They are often linked to not getting jobs. But these can be really defiant!

If you want to get a tattoo get it on a secret place, like up your thigh. We have some cool ideas for you:

1. Elephant head Mandala in color

This large Mandala can look really cool on your thigh. Just like the elephant’s trunk, your thighs tend to become thinner. So it goes with the body placement too. The colorful elephant head can be a sign of positivity and power.


2. Peacock

Drawing a peacock all the way from your waist to your thighs can be really sensuous and sweet at the same time. Once again we have a highly colorful tattoo. The tail of the peacock is displayed in your thigh area and that’s where it gets magical:


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