10 Hollywood Dopplegangers Who Can Probably Switch Identities Someday

3. Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera

Have you ever looked at Naya and mistook her for Kim? Well then perhaps you were just watching her face, if you know what I mean. Kim and Naya do have a lot of facial similarities. Even their features are similar to the tee. This makes us wonder what if they’re related somehow. But nah, that’s not possible, is it?


4. Jessica Biel and Christina Turlington

Even in this picture, I’m sure a lot of you will mistake Jessica for Christina and vice versa. It is rather difficult to distinguish the two. There was this conspiracy theory online that stated that these people were vampires and that they lived dual lives. It is a must read if you have to pass your Saturday afternoon with something weird. But I’m sure nothing of that sort is the case here (am I?), it is a mere coincidence (is it?).



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