10 Hollywood Dopplegangers Who Can Probably Switch Identities Someday

7. Nathaniel Fitzwilliam and Ian Somerhalder

Okay, a lot of people can’t tell between the Gossip Girl hunk and the Vampire Diaries cutie. They both seem to look a lot alike for many people. But hey, Ian has a broader jaw line. Albeit the two have the same mischievous look in their eyes and even the same eye color, but well that’s the only thing they have in common IMHO.


8. Isla Fisher and Amy Adams

Now this is one pair of doppelganger that is hard to recognize. Seriously who is who? There are several movies in which I have mistaken one for the other. If you are a true Isla Fisher fan though, you’ll notice that the girl has a quirky personality. Amy on the other hand is a next door girl.



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