10 Incredible Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

3. Lying

Don’t be too harsh on your man when you catch him lying. You must know that, according to latest psychological studies, men on an average lie 6 times a day, which is twice as much as women! Men like to hide things, and often they are simply too tender on the inside and need to lie to conceal the same. Because, it’s the macho guys who get all the girls isn’t it 😛

Their lies range from innocent lies that might be intended to protect your relationship, or someone they care for from a harsher truth, to offensive ones regarding work and relationships. In any case, you are advised to create an environment that will inspire your partner to tell you the truth rather than lying on a regular basis. How? Sadly there’s no universal rule for this.

3- Incredible Facts About Men

4. Cancer

In the U.S., men have a 50% chance in developing cancer throughout their lifetime. Some health issues are more prone to appear in males, and cancer is one of those. According to statistics collected in 2013, around 580,000 men in America die of cancer every year. And that’s not all, it is estimated that in the coming years even more than 50% of american men may be hit by cancer, as cancer is now considered the second most common cause of death in the United States.

4-- Incredible Facts About Men

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