10 Incredible Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

5. Laptops

Men are more sensitive to modern gadgets than women. Particularly, their fertility is endangered by laptops. Balancing their laptops on their lap can be hazardous to their sperms. According to a research published in the journal of Fertility and Sterility, the extreme heat emanating from working laptops, if placed on the lap, can cause infertility to men.

So if you’re a man reading this, and you want to have offspring of your own, please refrain from placing your device on your lap. If you’re a woman and you care for your partner’s fertility, please make sure he doesn’t place the laptop directly on his lap. Better spend a few bucks on a portable laptop table and save your little swimmers!

5-- Incredible Facts About Men

6. Shaving

Although you might know that most men shave daily, you probably didn’t know that the time they invest in shaving amounts to an average of 6 months of their lives, starting from puberty till the very end. If you thought men don’t care how they look, you couldn’t have been wronger. Men are as fond of maintaining their looks as women are.

They might not take much time to select their clothes, though even here they pick with utmost care, after all they want to be at the center of attention. But how much time do men spend in styling their hair every morning, have you ever thought about it? Shaving still remains one of the most common activities men carry out (almost) every day of their lives after their first beard hair turn up during puberty.

6-- Incredible Facts About Men

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