10 Incredible Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

7. Marital satisfaction

Even though this might sound strange to women, men do have a very strong sense of aesthetics. They love physical beauty even more than women. Accordingly, it is proven that men who have physically attractive wives live a happier married life than those who don’t.

Luckily though, not all men share the same taste and standards as to what appears beautiful to them thus giving every woman a chance to be the beautiful dream wife to someone.

7-- Incredible Facts About Men

8. Smoking

Smoking can lead to impotence in men. According to several medical studies and researches, habitual male smokers are at risk of developing impotence with the passage of time. Among other hazardous side effects of smoking, it is also one of the primary causes for erectile dysfunction. So if you love your bedroom time, you should consider to quit smoking. Or at least keep it within reasonable amounts.

8-- Incredible Facts About Men

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