10 Incredible Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

9. Male overpopulation

According to demographic statistics by 2020 China might have 30-40 million men of marriageable age who cannot find wives. Though we all know China is the most populated country in the world, this number is still surprising and astonishing. So how is such a high gender imbalance possible? To control population growth, in 1970 a law was passed by which couples in China were not allowed to have more than one child.

Unfortunately, also affected by traditional beliefs, most couples in China wish for a son rather than a daughter so massive female feticide is responsible for this condition. Before one kills their daughter they should wonder who gave birth to them and who will mother their grandchildren.

9-- Incredible Facts About Men

10. Lactation

If you thought only women can produce milk, you’ve never been more deluded (as were we). Studies published in the Journal of Trends in Ecology and Evolution in 2008 confirm that a certain stage in liver cirrhosis creates a hypothalamus disturbance and can cause lactation in men. In simple English, men can lactate under extreme circumstances due to a hormone-metabolizing function.

10- Incredible Facts About Men

I hope you enjoyed these 10 incredible facts about men.