10 Most Loved WWE Wrestlers In The History Of Time

3. Triple H

Known as “The Game”. He has made quite an impact in the WWE history so far. His fans love him for his fierce attack style and his super Hulk like figure. He has come to his individual success after a long time, but it was well deserved and now the world loves him for what he does best.


4. Stacy Kiebler

Known for being one of the sweetest and the most charming wrestlers of all time, she managed to win hearts by being the “good girl” in the ring. She made her debut in 1999 and retired in 2006. She was given many names in the ring. Some even called her “the legs of WWE” as she was quite tall (5 ft 11 in). What’s more? She was known for her relationship with none other than George Clooney. She became the superhero side kick called Super Stacy and had her own super hero costume.



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