10 Marvel Movies Where You Failed To Catch Stan Lee

Do you know who the man behind the Marvel Movie characters is? Yes, it’s Stan Lee. Those who are the true fans of Marvel or “True Believers” as Stan Lee likes to call them, wait to catch a few glimpses of the man during the credits.

His cameo in “Iron Man 2” was almost a blink and miss but sometimes it’s so hard to miss this man! It’s now a trend to spot his hilarious cameos where he’s found in pretty awkward situations.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

In this movie he is seen talking to Thor. You must remember Thor referring to him as “Blondie”. And he has a taste of the Asgardian liquor which led him to leave the party in utterly crazy shape.


2. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2013)

This is a sweet role in which we see Stan as a security guard. He is about to lose his job because he lost the costume of Captain America.


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