10 Odd and Weird Marriages From All Over the World.

Love is a beautiful thing, love is that joyful feeling which everyone wants to experience though many succeed in it or unfortunately fail to get it. On the other hand there are some people who take love to the very extreme, to a point where it turns weird, bizarre and sometimes unacceptable for many peoples.

“Love is blind” “love is unconditional” “love knows no boundaries” and the list continues. These are the very often reasons that we give when people cross their limits to marry the person they love.

But what would you call it when people marry things or animals or places in the name of love? What name would you give to such odd couples and weird marriages? But there are such marriages that will make you think that how extreme and weird love can be.

Following this subject today, we decided to present a list of some people who changed the definition of love and marriage and hopped over the boundaries of it.


Here are the 10 most odd and weird marriages from around the world.

1. A woman who married a snake.

Bimbala Das, a hindu woman from a village, claimed that she had fallen in love with a snake. She also confessed that she was so much in love with the snake that she would marry it.

Surprisingly, as per the reports, when Bimbala disclosed her love the villagers were glad and appreciated this. They also said that this marriage would bring good fortune to the village.

So, with the support of theĀ villagers, Bimbala married her beloved snake as per the hindu rituals in India. The villagers also arranged a grand feast for those who attended the marriage.

2. The lady crossed all heights to reach the Eiffel Tower and marry it.

A 37 year old woman named Erika la tour Eiffel, a former soldier from San Francisco, was said to have a fetish for objects. She had been in love with many objects earlier but her love and madness for the Eiffel Tower was intense.

After three years of emotional courtship, Erika pledged to love and honor the Eiffel Tower. In 2007, she married the Eiffel Tower in an intimate ceremony attended by few of her friends. She even changed her name legally to express her love and bond.

Today she lives happily married. She has also found a web community of people who love inanimate objects. Such cases reflect weird marriages in the world.
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