10 Symptoms of HIV You Must Not Ignore

If you have had a lot of unprotected intercourse, then it is time to get a reality check. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. It can only pass down to you if you have had intercourse with someone who has already had it before. However, many don’t know it, but you can also have HIV if you have come into contact with the body fluids of the person who has had it. Since HIV stands for Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus, it is characterized by a severely low immune system. It may lead to death by only a fever.

There are a few signs to know if a person is suffering from HIV. You might as well check this out:

1. Having fever

Are you having fever very frequently? This could be a tell tale sign of HIV. As already mentioned, HIV lowers your immunity, so even if your body could resists the flu previously, it will not be able to anymore and as a result you will see frequent out breaks of Fever and other problems in your body.

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2. Frequent fatigue

Our immune system is actually dependent upon the down time we give it. When we sleep at night, our body remains working well because it has got plenty of rest. So when your immune system is lowering down, it is only natural that you will need a lot of rest – more than what you were usually taking.


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