11 Hilarious Epic Fail Moments That Will Be Carved in History

You would think that you have done everything right in your life. You might also like to think that you are doing amazing – but then suddenly something happens that trips you off. Life has a funny way of getting back at you and these are definitely some of the most embarrassing moments in our lives.

But the good news is – you are not alone in these. Some of the worst epic fails have already happened in people’s lives, and these are the proofs of it:

1. When you think you are the cool dude in your woman’s life, but then the big guy appears

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2. This person made a ‘seizure salad’ perhaps because it gave her seizures right after she had this salad. Oops!


3. “It’s my life” is the famous Bon Jovi track, but one single apostrophe ruined it bro #epicfail


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