12 Awesome Teachers You’d Wish You Got In Your School As Well

A teacher is a leader. Teacher leads students towards excellence and growth. Nurturing other people’s mind and knowledge is far more difficult than teaching yourself. Specially in a class of 20 naughty children. Here are some witty moments captured during some of the education classes from universities and schools around the world.

1. Babysitting teacher

This teacher will look after your child as well as teach them. Moral – you don’t have to hire an extra babysitter to look after your kid if they are around. If you are worried about leaving your child with baby sitter, this college professor will make sure he treats your child with proper education and care. Professor will bond with your child and give a few physics lessons free of cost. Early education will nourish your child and will help in raising your child with ease.


2. His message is very clear (read his T-shirt)

It’s his way of saying you need to really pay attention in his class. Students are bound to follow this teacher’s recommendations. He carries a special message on his shirt that can help students pass in exams. If you ever get a chance to do a complete makeover of your teacher, what would you do ? I have myself seen a French teacher and a friend of mine dressing up as French colonial officer. Teachers usually dress adjusting to the lessons they want to give to their students. You shall see more of these on Next pages.


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