12 Times Fake Photos Went Viral And Were Believed To Reveal True Story

Ever since print media has went digital we have started believing everything we read online as real. Especially when we scroll through Facebook or Twitter, the funny stories catch our eyes and our jaw drops in awe believing them, when those stories are hardly real.

Check with these posts and find if you believed any of them to be true. If you did, make it a mental check list never to (readily) believe everything you find on social media forums again!

1. The TIME’s definition of a perfect body in 1955? BS!

The picture went viral initially in December 2013. Any way you can recollect the era and think for yourselves: would the TIME magazine really print this kind of picture during those days?


2. This is real picture of Aria Giovanni born in November 1977

Aria is an adult movie star who wasn’t even born in the 1950s.


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