12 Unbelievable Pictures You Would Think Are Photoshopped, But They’re Not

Everything your eyes see aren’t real, but then again not everything you see is Photoshopped. The world would be a really gloomy place if that was it. There are some people who can literally do “magic” with things and make them appear twisted. You would think these things are Photoshopped – almost everyone is ready to believe something extraordinary is tweaked and not real these days – but they are not!

Bring a little magic into your lives, people. Check out these photos and stare in wonder:

1. The three glasses that look like the Tower of Pisa

The picture is no neat that you would think that it was made artificially. Well it was to a certain extent. The photographer twisted the table at an angle and then twisted the camera at the same angle to get this effect. But I bet you won’t notice the table or the background in this picture – just the tilting water. Isn’t that amazing?


2. The girl as big as the Eifel tower

The 324m Eifel Tower is not a challenge for this little girl at all – as she appears to touch its tip right away. What does the trick here? It is the low camera angle of course. Also the large depth of the background helps a lot.


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