12 Villains and Heroes Who Used To Chill Behind The Scenes

Ever imagined what it would be like to see Batman and the Joker chilling out like buddies? Hold that thought. This is not as unimaginable as you thought since these are just actors and behind the scenes they are just regular friends. Whether it is Gabbar and Jai on the sets or Batman and Joker on their set, some villains and heroes just love to hangout.

If this is just too much for you to picture – don’t worry, we have these pictures to soothe your imagination. Check these out:

1. Oh look at that – Bane is a hugger!

Like who would have thought, right?


2. Getting into the character be like, Level: Joker

Nobody can get into the character better than joker – when he is surfing on the set.


3. Behind the scenes Ben Hur and Messala are just riding around the town

Blokes want to have fun no matter what the state of their estate might be


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