13 Differences Between Men And Women That Are So Obvious You Can’t Deny

There are many differences between men and women, and that is totally okay, imagine how boring the world would be if everyone would be the same. Some of these are very subtle and lesser known, but I bet the following 13 differences are so obvious, you can’t deny. If you try, you probably won’t convince many that it is otherwise.

1. Getting ready for work

It is pretty obvious why men take less time than women to get ready, after all they have not much more to do than slip into any of their outfits. Women on the other hand, will take some time with the right choice of makeup matching the chosen clothes. Women might even end up changing 3-4 times before leaving home, depending on individual fashion sense.

Differences between men and women - 1

2. Going to a hairdresser

Men’s hairstyles are mostly short in nature, and usually they get rid of lots of length when going to a hairdresser. Women on the other hand, have many more reasons to go. It can be just cutting off broken hair extremities, or get a little change in style, or coloring for the record.


Differences between men and women - 2

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