13 Differences Between Men And Women That Are So Obvious You Can’t Deny

3. Group photos

One might try to deny this, but face it. Guys like to pose up in lines and look like a football team, while girl like to either take it to the next level as shown below, or just cuddle up and make cute faces.

Differences between men and women - 3

4. Breakups

I can totally vouch for this. Reason ? Men tend to be overconfident about their looks, so if they were to lose their partner they think they’ll be blessed with choice after choice. While girls tend to feel less attractive than they really are.

And not only that, it’s more of a psychological thing, girls are more sentimental in nature, and usually openly admit to this, while guys keep their feelings hidden deep down where nobody can touch them.

Differences between men and women - 4

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