13 Differences Between Men And Women That Are So Obvious You Can’t Deny

9. Looking at a woman passing by

While women will admire or envy the clothes, makeup or jewelry, not to mention the bags, men will be men.

Differences between men and women - 9

10. Feelings

Ever heard the saying that says a man’s heart is in his pants ? I don’t want to generalize here, but unless it’s the girl of your dreams, the one for life, you’ll have to admit it is true. Women on the other hand tend to open up their hearts too soon, believe it’s love, and then be torn apart if it doesn’t last.

Differences between men and women - 10


11. Why we should study

Girls, because you don’t want to end up being the girl of a fat old rich guy. Be a rich girl yourself, and then find your prince charming. And guys, because you won’t be rich if you don’t 😀

Differences between men and women - 11

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