14 Funny Pictures That Show The Struggle Women Face Daily

Women have to go through a lot of problems – this sounds very cliché but it is true. But can we just take a moment to enjoy all the little problems we face every day? Whether We are always worried about our problem – big or small, but can we just take pleasure in knowing that these are some of things that we all face?

Yes, indeed. We are all in this together. You’re not alone when:

1. You’re trying to perfect that eye liner stroke

But you end up looking like Maleficent. “What just happened?” you wonder. Well you are no make up specialist. But with practice, you won’t need a beauty parlor again.


2. You click a picture and it turns out to be a nightmare

And now you have to live with this picture for the rest of your life, with your friends tagging you to it on social media.


3. You have to be that extra careful after applying nail polish

But you screw it up any way! One slip on the side of your sweater and voila! The entire thing has got smudged. Why life, why?


4. You think you are looking like sleeping beauty while sleeping

But in reality, you are looking like Anna from Frozen. But know this, you are looking as cute as ever and maybe that’s how people like seeing you.


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