15 Mind Blowing Photos That Will Make You Go ‘Awww…’

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Then why do some pictures evoke more passion in us than others? Check out these pictures and answer than for yourself:

1. A rock that resembles a rhinoceros

It appears as if the rhino is drinking water from the ocean. The clear sky, the blue water of the ocean and the green dots which are actually trees, make this picture look really appealing. Kudos to the photographer! Lovely isn’t it?


2. A crystal of Bismuth

This certainly doesn’t look like anything of this world. It appears to be alien. It has that microchip-like quality to it. But we can assure you – all you see here is a bismuth crystal which is very much of this Earth.


3. Trees in Canada

This is a snapshot of the trees after a storm hit a few places in Canada. The photographer made sure to zoom in while clicking these pictures, making it seem like the entire place is out of this earth altogether.


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