15 Times Engineers Successfully Designed Toilets That Nobody Used

We could better title this post as Privacy fails. These engineers did not care about privacy at all. I mean you need some privacy while dealing with your personal business. But these designed toilets are for the ones who want to socialize and just let.. loose.

Here are 15 hilariously designed toilets by engineers who want you to be more open..

1. This is a good idea actually.

Its water saving. Water is one of the most important natural resource. Why waste it ? This design also ensures that the lazy lot will definitely wash their hands. Practice hygiene and maintain good health, prevent diseases using this extraordinary toilet design.

Designed Toilets
2. Aim Higher

No parents teach their kids to aim high when dealing with inside business. Why always aim low ? This creative engineer has intellectually thought of aiming high, he has also provided with handles (Bars) to hang on and pull yourself up to aim even higher. (Is that a CCTV ?)
Designed Toilets

3. Use water to wash your feet.

People start to blame engineers for engineering fails these days. But they never try to even consider the logic behind. This is a tap to wash your feet. You really thought this sink is small ?

Designed Toilets

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