15 Times Statues At Tourist Attractions Were Molested By Nasty Travelers

You must have seen how tourists love to play with the statues, fountains etc tourist attractions when they go nuts. Statues are installed at particular locations and travelers take pictures with them. But some tourists have been spotted molesting the poor sculptures. Here is a list of 15 such instances..

1. Kissing Statues

Several tourist attractions will have travelers molesting the statues with direct contact. This guy playing his instrument seems to be providing free kisses to pretty girls.

tourist attractions

2. Yes, please take me home.

This mermaid was designed to be a genuine attraction in the park. People take pictures with her but this old man is so excited that he’ll just carry her home.

tourist attractions

3. If you could remove your hand sir.

How is he supposed to remove his hand ? He’s made of stone woman. He’s got no intention to touch your privates. You’re the one who is molesting the poor statue.

tourist attractions

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