15 Traveling Photos That Show Reality Behind The Expectations

Your wanderlust is often titillated by the beautiful traveling photos we see online. These pictures make us want to visit there but as they say “truth is stranger than fiction”. These 15 photos will make you rethink about your trip to these places..

1. The Great Wall of China

You think the Great Wall of China looks like this ?


Well, it is one of the wonders of the world and a hotspot for tourism

It remains crowded almost throughout the year and you will have to wait in line to travel the whole route.

traveling photos

2. The leaning Tower of Pisa

Is it in your bucket list to push the leaning tower of Pisa straight?

traveling photos

So is everyone’s

Good luck getting the right click when you are at it.

traveling photos

3. Watching the Monalisa in the Louvre Museum, Paris

And wondering about the secrets of the smile.

traveling photos

That won’t really happen because

The place will look like this…

traveling photos

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