16 Hilarious Tragedies That Are So Bad, They’re Good

We have all had bad days. It can be really embarrassing. Sometimes it scars you for life! Thinking about those moments you had during those days… Are you lost in those memories already? Don’t worry. If you had it bad, somebody has had it even worse!

If you don’t believe it, check this out:

1. Burrrrrned!

That’s what happens when you show off your Apple brand by clicking bathroom selfies. It is your karma which came back at you. Must have felt awesome! *devilish grin*


2. Straight to the head

This shot could in no way have been random. The batsman must have sledged previously. No matter what, I’m sure he saw stars in front of his eye balls for a few days.


3. Being picked up, er, awkward!

Meanwhile those on the boat will be like “I told you not to go too far kid!” while the whole world sees him getting pulled by his pants, literally.


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