18 Hilarious Photos From 2016 That Broke the Internet (Into Laughter)

The year 2016 was full of wonder, and a lot of people managed to surprise us with their epic achievements. You will find people who drive their cars on sidewalks over the people who sleep there without any possibility of health insurance. So lets take a look at 18 of such instances that rocked 2016 !

1. Flipkart was caught red handed – shopping on Amazon. BUSTED!

Though Flipkart and Amazon are big e-commerce websites in India and are competitors trying to win the e-commerce market, you can see how Flipkart purchases products from another ecommerce platforms like Amazon in their office ! And they probably don’t want us to see that. Seems like you can start your e commerce website by simply purchasing products from Amazon, unpack and pack again with your label and sell forward. That’s easy Flipkart..


2. Meanwhile a South Indian Couple took kissing to another level

Another example set by South Indian flicks. Well, coconuts are good for health and body hydration, its a refreshing health drink with micro nutrients. Brings fitness to your body and love life 😉 Coconut water is also helpful in decreasing high blood pressure and fights diabetes. Don’t forget to plant a coconut tree for your future wife.


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