5 Really Effective Tips To Impress Indian Girls

Impressing a girl is really not that easy – if you don’t do it right you could fall into friend zone and it is really difficult to get back out from that zone (it never happens). You cannot be too nice, she will think you are the brother type, and you cannot be too bad either, because that will ward her off. You will have to be the right combination of hot and cool and play it right to make sure she falls right onto your lap.

Try these easy but smart tricks to make a girl fall for you:

1. Be touchy feely

It is the most ancient concept in the book – if you want to let a girl know how you think of her, make it known by marking your territory. Yes, that’s exactly what it’s called. In the old days, men would do this to make sure that the girl knew that the girl is “marked”. Okay, that might be taking it too far, but you get the drift. To ensure that the girl knows how you feel about her, touch her every now and then. Caution: make sure you don’t grab her or do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. Just maybe, put an arm around her when she needs comforting or hold her hands when she is asking to feel appreciated. That will give her the message.


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