5 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramps

International Yoga Day has just passed us. If you are a girl on your periods during this time, you might have skipped paying homage to this day. Obviously a lot of girls go through menstrual cramps, but none ever thought that, but none ever thought that Yoga could actually benefit them in this matter. It is true!

At one point of time, women used to get rid of their menstrual cramps and aches by doing a lot of Yoga. This is what you can do too. With the help of Yoga asanas, now you can get rid of stomach aches and painful backs.

1. There are several Yoga poses that can reduce your grogginess and aching stomach

Every 3-5 days of the month are tough. But they don’t have to be that way anymore. Also a few asanas that help you during periods are safe to do during this time. Experts advise not to do the inverted asanas in which your belly is up and your head towards the floor. Apart from this there are many asanas that you can do during your periods.


2. It is basically effective

If you are thinking how Yoga can help you from getting rid of menstrual cramps then you are right. See the main reason you have menstrual cramps is that there is tightness in that area. The Yoga asanas will enhance the circulation in that area and that will give you some relief. Yoga and Eastern medicine have been often linked with menstrual disorders and their cures.

You will be able to effectively utilize them if you make the postures correctly. Do these following asanas on Next Page and get rid of your menstrual cramps today.



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