6 Best Hairstyles Men Can Choose According To Their Face

Men have to go through a lot of trouble choosing the right hairstyle for themselves. Given that they usually prefer to keep short hair, there are only so many haircuts they can try on. Thankfully those are still enough to cover every face shape men have.

If you are a man needing a cool haircut right now, you might as well go over and try these:

1. Oval Face Shape

The Oval Face shape is considered to be “the” ideal face shape for all men and women out there. This is because those with the oval face shapes do not really need to work harder on their appearance. They look fine no matter how they wear themselves. Their face itself complements every look. This is why many would consider them lucky to have been blessed with a face shape like that. So if you have an oval face, try out different haircuts, just don’t go all long hair. That will make your face look squarish. Level the sides of the top or get one of these below haircuts:


2. Triangular face shape

In case your face is triangular in shape, you have a wide forehead and cheekbones, with a small and pointed chin. Contrary to belief, the men with triangular face shapes look best with haircuts that have more volume on the top. Add width and volume on the top region. This should be your focus. However if you want to experiment, you can also go all fringe length. Remember you have to work on your upper area to even out your face. This is why always choose those haircuts that focus on your top and add some element there.


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