6 Important Dos And Don’ts During Pregnancy You Must Know

During pregnancy there are a lot of things to consider – how you are sleeping, what you are eating, etc. This is why there are certain dos and don’ts that you must know even before the doctor has told you. If you are the father, then it is imperative that you also know these things.

Chances are that your SO will sleep wrongly sometimes. You can correct her position if you know the right ways to sleep through the night.


1. Sleep on the left side

Always. Always sleep on the left side while you are pregnant but sleep on the left side when you are not pregnant also. It has a lot of good effects because it eases your stomach and relieves your lymph nodes to act properly. It also doesn’t put any extra pressure on your heart.

This is why sleeping on the left side is always recommended for everyone. Even more so if you are pregnant – it is a MUST that you sleep on the left side always.


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