6 Tell Tale Signs of Hormonal Imbalance Women Tend To Ignore

We hear the word “hormones” and our mind runs to all horrible things that are possible – from menopause to incessant bleeding, from cramps to excess hair on your body. That is pretty sad. For women more than men, the impact of hormones is huge. This is why women need to know the sure signs of hormonal imbalance in their bodies.

The problem is we (women) are never taught about hormonal imbalance and therefore we ignore it when the signs stare us in the face. We are not made aware of its harmful effects. But hormonal imbalance can actually be a lot detrimental to your body. So when these signs show, please don’t ignore them for long:

1. Gaining weight constantly (especially in the midsection)

Gaining weight due to inactivity is one thing, but gaining weight when there’s no cause to it can be attributed to hormonal imbalance. A stress hormone called “cortisol” is released by your adrenal glands when you are much stressed, this secretion gets disrupted and you not only gain weight, but gain them in all the wrong areas. For women it is absolutely essential to unwind and de-stress to keep their hormonal balance in check.


2. Fading interest in intimacy

A poor libido is caused by many things and one of those things is hormonal imbalance. Check with the other things in the list to know if your poor libido is caused by hormonal imbalance or something else. Libido is attributed to the hormone Androgen. Low production of this hormone can cause lower libido. Some lifestyle changes to calm you down might be essential to make this hormone rise again.



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