6 Uses Of Vicks Vaporub You Didn’t Know About

Did you know that Vicks VapoRub is a multipurpose item? If you have it at home it can be a quick remedy for many things. This is not just another new fact – this is an ancient remedy that has been around since 1894. It has been applied to chests and upper lips since ages to get some really good relief. Also, it is a very popular tropical cream .but its uses do not just end there.

1. Garlic trick

So where does the garlic connection come into this? Have you ever got an earache? Many a times we get ear aches that may feel so awful you want to stop it anyhow. Believe me I have seen some yearning in pain. This is the remedy for it – take a clove of garlic and just microwave it for 10 seconds so that it is warm enough.

Now all you have to do is apply the ointment on your ear where it is aching. Then apply Vicks vaporub over it.


2. Skin problems

Did you know Vicks vaporub is effective in getting rid of even eczema? That’s right. If you have problems like stretch marks, dry skin or even acne – you can get quick results using Vicks vaporub. There can also be any unfortunate skin problem that can be treated nicely with this one.

Basically it has extremely healing properties which you can get rid of quite easily using this ointment.


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