7 OMG Facts About The Big “O” That You Didn’t Know

The word [email protected] has been derived from the Greek word [email protected] which literally means “to swell with moisture”. Yeah, kinda gives you a picture doesn’t it? Although there are several things about the phenomenon which you might yourself know already because of personal experience… If you haven’t literally, you are missing out on a lot… Read on for knowing more about the subject.

1. There is a thing called “accidental [email protected]

It has nothing to do with copulation whatever. It happens suddenly when you are during your exercise – your muscles are getting strained or during other times when you are doing something similar.

Be careful when you are anxious – or just be anxious if you need a good [email protected], because you are very likely to get one when you are anxious. If you are a woman, you are more likely to get one when you are anxious than when you are actually doing it IYKWIM.


2. You can also have it during sleep

Yes, you can experience this very awesome thing when you are asleep. But if you are a man, it is probably messier for you and maybe a few times, quite embarrassing too – to find yourself in a pool of “last night’s dream” when you wake up. But it is quite common and it happens to a lot of people. In fact, it is uncommon for both men and women not to experience it at any time in your life.



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