7 Reasons Other Than Pregnancy For Missing Periods

Oh you didn’t get your periods? Are you pregnant? Not necessarily. There are a lot of reasons other than pregnancy that lead to missing period. So before you start to over think and lead yourself to anxiety and what not, consider these reasons for missing periods and see if they apply to you:

1. Stress

Nowadays the lifestyle is so effed up that stress has become a part of the daily life for many. Right from the school student to the corporate executive, leave alone the business owners, everyone is stressed. This has a drastic impact on your hormones. Stress directly affects your hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain responsible for periods. Sometimes women who go through bad breakups, stressful jobs or extra workload might be feeling too stressed which causes them to miss periods.


2. Sudden weight gain

Have you gained weight all of a sudden? Sudden weight gain or weight loss both can be responsible for delayed periods. The weight gain and loss is directly associated with hormones as well. This is why it also affects your overall ability to ovulate. Don’t fret. It is pretty common. It is when it occurs more than once when you have to see a doctor. If you are obese or have reasonably more weight than you should, then periods are likely to get more delayed.



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