7 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

3. Asking you about your schedule in details

Asking your whereabouts if you are doing something new might be okay. But you have been with her for long and she knows you go to office and then come back at the same time. She may be asking you to check your schedule so that she can plan her dates accordingly. If you ever feel that her asking your schedule is unnatural, trust your gut.


4. When she is preoccupied while talking to you

You talk to her, she seems lost in her thoughts. Sometimes you catch her smiling alone, as if she has remembered an incident. If you ask her what it is, why she is smiling, you will get only “nothing” as a reply. She might be thinking about that dude that she spent her time with. If most of the times this happens, you need to reconsider your choices. You deserve to be with someone that gives you their full attention. Talk to her directly about this issue and approach it head on.


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