8 Billionaires Who Did Weird Things With Their Money

Man’s need for money has no end. Don’t get me wrong – I do know bills get the world around. But when it comes to luxury, man has an insatiable taste. There are several billionaires around the world, not one like JK Rowling who has lost her Billionaire status because of charity. Instead, people wish to go more and more luxurious when they have excessive money.

Such is the case with these people, who thought of creative ways of spending their money. This is a sheer case of “screw world economy, I am rich!” You will wish you were them:

1. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

Sheikh Hamad is a US based rich person who has carved out his name on his island – and I mean his whole name! It can be seen when you are flying on a chopper over the Island. As if the documents weren’t enough to prove that he is the owner of that island. What’s more? Each letter of his name is about a kilometer long and it was hand dug out by his workers.


2. Scott Alexander

This man is renowned in the UK and is often called “the vainest man in UK”. It is for a reason. He refers to himself in third person and has a knack for clothes. In fact he spends $30,000 a year on his branded clothes – yes that’s as much as someone’s salary a year. He doesn’t mind being called the vainest man. He thinks of himself highly because of his fashion choices.



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