8 Common Mistakes People Make While Running

Running is a great exercise when done right. It gives your mind and body a boost like no other. Some people find that running is like meditation – it relaxes them. It is natural since the body releases some chemicals that make you feel better after a long run. In today’s stressful life, there’s no other medicine to the mind and body than running.


But are you running right? That’s the main question. Beginners sometimes make a lot of mistakes while running make sure you don’t do these:

1. Increasing both speed and distance at the same time

You have ran for some time. Now you wish to increase your goals so you opt to increase both speed and distance at the same time. This is a grave mistake – it can lead to a lot of injuries. Most beginners make this mistake and end up hurting their feet or legs. This is something to avoid. Increase either speed or distance at one time.


2. Thinking that running is the sole exercise

Most joggers consider that running is the sole exercise that can improve their shape. While it may be true that running increases your heart rate and gives you a good burn, experts say that running should always be combined with some strength training or stretching exercises. This will make your flexible while you run and prevent any injuries as well.



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