8 Common Mistakes People Make While Running

3. Not paying attention to shoes

People think just about any shoes will go while running. This isn’t true. If your feet don’t have enough space when you are running, this could be a problem in the long run. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go for branded shoes – just buy the ones in which your feet feel comfortable. The sole should feel comfortable while you are running too. It should not be very harsh or thin.

Barefoot running shoes
Barefoot running shoes

4. Not paying attention to endurance

Runners often focus on speed and therefore lose sight of a very important objective of running – endurance. This could very often result in burnout. You don’t have to be hasty with speed goals. You can slowly build the speed up and increase your goals as you are comfortable. Make your body feel comfortable doing what it does. This way you increase both endurance and fitness properly.



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