8 Rare Facts About Marvel Comics We Bet You Didn’t Know

How well do you think you know Marvel Comics? You may think that you know all that is to know about it, but do you really? Check this list to know exactly how well you know Marvel and then share it with your friends to find their Marvel knowledge quotient too:

1. Marvel banned werewolves

In an attempt to make comic books kid friendly, Marvel has put a ban on werewolves and also on violence and bloodshed. But later Marvel managed to overcome this by reducing Werewolves to a contorted version so that they look less dangerous. Then alter on they were allowed in the comic book genre as long as they were kept on the Gothic literature exclusively.


2. Jim Steranko was himself a renowned magician

Jim Steranko was admirable as Nick Fury in the 1960s, but that’s not all about him. Before being Nick Fury, he used to perform acts of magic showed live escapology from burials and such. He was also a fire eater. Also he was once a part of a rock band that supported Bill Haley and the Comets. So now you know!



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