8 Secret Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Every girl goes through beauty hazards some times. We need some quick fixes and some hacks that can make our bad hair days into good ones. It is totally possible to go out looking fabulous everyday if you follow these beauty hacks:

1. Treating a sore foot

Have a sore foot? Fret not! If it is aching, massage it for some time. Then take clove oil and mix 3 drops of it with 3 drops of sesame oil in a cup. Massage your feet with this oil for some time to get relief. You will see that the pain has reduced and the area has become softer as well. It will take 15 minutes to get rid of the pain.


2. Finally a remedy for double chin

Have double chin? Here’s what the doctors will tell you to do as well: chew a bubble gum during several times in a day. Of course, get a sugar free one to not add any bacteria to your teeth. Chewing sugar free gums will not only freshen your breath, but will also give your face muscles something to work out to remove that excess fat.


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