9 WTF Shoulder Rides That Will Make You Rethink Giving One

Shoulder rides can be fun for both the guy and the girl. But if she is puking or over 70kgs, it might even break your shoulder! Not to mention the additional hazards that comes with it.

Here we have found some men giving shoulder rides, and then regretting it. Be warned: it will make you dread these rides and you might end up feeling like never giving a shoulder ride to a woman again. Here’s why:

1. Look at how much pain he is, we bet he has had a shoulder pain for 5 days after that

Just see his expression…


2. This goes beyond any friendzone level, this is just painful (more than the guy in #1)

This is just heartbreaking.


3. Let her reach out for the skies they said, it won’t hurt you they said

He literally bangs his head now


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