About Us

Shocklet started as an informative website that focuses primarily on content that promotes Facts, Know How about people and places. It aims to entertain people and promote health based knowledge. Shocklet started in 2016 quickly gained attention among the women of all age groups. It helped them in creating a better lifestyle using the articles focused on women health.

What do we do ?

We improve human health using the dose of laughter. Isn’t that true ? Laughter is the medicine to a healthy lifestyle. Internet is a big mass of information, spread across millions and millions of webpages. This is what we do, our team of writers collects information from popular and trusted webpages. They bind them with Facts and images, curate them into interesting lists. Everyone loves list type articles.

Why do we do so ?

Because our readers love our content. One can measure this love from the social share count on the website. Since our writers verify every fact and information from multiple sources before curating them into Shocklet articles, our readers can trust the information.

What type of information ?

Our world is getting busier and busier. Women are looking for life hacks for every day use that saves them time. They need information about fast hair growth, the trouble they are facing with their skin but don’t have time to visit a clinic. Men who are looking for new fashion trend that they can learn quickly scrolling on Shocklet. Or people who are simply looking for a dose of laughter, to change the tune of the mood after a long working day. We collect information about people who have weird stories to tell, from around the world.

Who is Bro ?

Bro is your friend on Shocklet. One can open up and talk to Bro anytime on our Facebook page.

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