10 Benefits Of Honey For Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

9. Lightens Eye Color

1 drop of raw honey and 5 drops of warm water can help lighten the color of your eyes. Store this solution in a cool and dark place and put 3 drops of this solution in the morning and evening for lighter eye color.

benefits of honey

10. Optic Nerve Tonic

Honey increases the production of nitric oxide which in turn increases the blood circulation. This aids in a better vision and also improves eye lens oxidation for a longer lasting vision.


benefits of honey

Please note: the honey you are using should not be acidic else it may create problems. Also, before using it on your skin and eyes, ensure you are not allergic to honey and bee related sensitivity. If you are allergic to honey, it may cause infection and in worst case, impair your vision or cause permanent blindness.