Bet You Missed These Harry Potter Characters In Game Of Thrones!

We’ve so much awaited to see our favorite books in the movies that we hurried through them. If you have only watched the movies, I bet you have become a fan right from the first one. There’s no doubt that there were a few characters that were blink and a miss. But guess what? These characters have made an appearance all over again in the Game of Thrones.

Here’s a list of all those whom you might have missed in your favorite GoT – all the more reasons to enjoy GoT!

1. Michelle Fairly

If you remember properly, she was Hermione’s muggle mother in the movie. She only made a blink and a miss appearance as the role didn’t have much for her to do.



You cannot miss her in Game of Thrones. She is playing the role of Catelyn stark – albeit there’s a change in the way she looks. But she looks flawless in both roles. We guess this is the reason the change is so unfathomable.


2. Natalia Tena

Remember Nymphadora Tanks from Harry Potter? Yes, she didn’t actually die that time. Or maybe she did and took birth into the GoT universe as Osha.


Osha the girl you may not remember

The sad part is that she died here too! She saved Bran and Rickon from the invasion of Theon. She finally died trying to kill Ramsay Bolton. Her part was small here but it is one you don’t forget if you are a diehard fan.


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