Body Builder’s Life Turned Around After Meeting This 12-Year Old With A Rare Disease

We meet many people in our life, but sometimes we meet some ones that totally change the course of our lives. Their struggles, their inspiration, become a motivation for us to do better.

Such is the story of David Douglas also known as ‘the beast’. He has met a 12 year old named Lindsay Radcliffe and his life has taken a turn for the better.

Do you know why? Read below:

1. Lindsay has been suffering from a rare disease

The disease is called Progeria. In this disease the anatomy of a child becomes like an aged person. In fact, it ages 8 to 10 times faster than the body of a normal person. Lindsay’s struggle has motivated David to be a better man and the duo share a very beautiful bond and friendship.


2. They met for the first time in 2013

They met at the event called Relentless – which was organized by the Hopekids Organization, that aids the kids with special needs. David visited the event and was quickly taken over by the remarkable spirit of Lindsay. They both remained friends ever since.


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