Bodybuilder Consumed 10,000 Calories Daily, Died of Cancer

Steroids are proven to be harmful. Scientists have been claiming for many years now that there are some things which can be extremely harmful for us. But those who are obsessed with making a good body are often just that – obsessed! Hence, they do not come to know where to put a full stop to their diets and routines. Some of them are known to have taken extreme routes and ended up really harming themselves. One such story is of a man who consumed 10,000 calories (yes, you read that right!) daily and then ended up having cancer. It is really unfortunate, but his story might prevent others from trying out such extreme measures.

1. Meet Dean Wharmby

He loved body building. This is one of the pictures from his early body building days. Don’t just look at his perfect features – see the hard work behind it too. This kind of body just didn’t happen all by itself. It took the man great efforts and perseverance to create this kind of masterpiece. He was a body builder for more than 20 years.


2. Then he slipped into taking 10,000 calories per day

Actually that is when the ill fate took its course. He loved having pizza and junk food after his gym sessions. Even the body builder cannot resist junk food. But it has been said time and again that taking a natural diet rich in proteins is much more beneficial than consuming junk foods. Basically processed and junk foods are storehouses of bad elements that cause cancer. Unfortunately, this man was unable to see the ill effects of junk food. He never thought that consuming a lot of steroids and junk food could make him sick!


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