Bond Girls Then And Now – 10 Pictures To Show The Reality

James Bond is probably one of the most popular franchises of all times. It is even more popular for the ladies, as they get to star opposite Bond. The Bond girls are chosen carefully and these ladies are some of the hottest that the world has ever seen. Some ladies have gone to great lengths in their career after being the bond girl. Even though times have passed, some of these bond girls have truly aged gracefully:

1. Eunice Gayson

This is Eunice Gayson – many of you might not know her but she was the first Bond girl. She starred in two bond girls in 1962 and 63 and you can definitely call her the woman that has set the bars for all the other ladies. She starred in From Russia with Love.

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2. Ursula Andres

Known for her sensuous appeal, Ursula Andres immortalized some scenes with her tantalizing ocean scenes. Remember that scene from “Die Another Day” that Halle Berry portrayed? Ursula’s was just like, if not better than this piece. In fact, some people regarded Berry’s scene inspired by her.


3. Daniela Bianchi

Bianchi was a model from Italy and a first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant in 1960. However her big break really came with the role of Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love. The role is still spoken of – she looked stunning in it.


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