These Pictures Of 14 Celebrities Without Makeup Will Leave You Shocked!

Looking presentable and beautiful is the aim of every woman on earth. Thanks to the multitude of makeup items available today, women can look ten times more beautiful than they actually are. No woman today steps out without putting on some makeup and when it comes to celebs, proper makeup becomes a necessity. In the case of mere mortals like us, we have the liberty to go out sans those lipsticks and mascara on certain occasions, but if our celebs are caught without makeup ever, it becomes a breaking news and their pictures float around the internet with unwanted comments and remarks. Here are pictures of some celebrities without makeup, some of who cannot be recognized unless you take a closer look.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

This Academy award winner who charmed us with her amazing acting skills in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ looks equally cute without makeup.¬†Though makeup does help highlight her features, her sans makeup look is not bad indeed.


2. Uma Thurman

Displaying her talent in many movies including ‘The Accidental Husband’, ‘Paycheck’, and ‘Kill Bill’, Uma Thurman took no time to establish her name in the industry. And when it comes to comparing her makeup and no makeup look, we cannot complain. She looks quite pretty even without the layers of foundation and blush.

celebrities without makeup

3. Kristen Stewart

Isabella “Bella” Swan of ‘Twilight’ had become an instant favourite of the youth. Her beauty and acting worked its charm on us and we were her fan, hands down! Now when we have to compare her look with and without makeup, it goes without saying that the actress is blessed with abundance of beauty and cuteness.

celebrities without makeup

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