This Chimp Was Abandoned By His Mother..What Happened Next Is Unbelievable!

Cute videos of cat and dog (pets) keep doing rounds on the internet but have you ever seen a chimp and a dog becoming close friends? Here is a true story of animal bonding when a chimp was abandoned by his mother and found solace in the arms of a dog.

1. The Abandoned Chimp

A baby chimp was abandoned by his mother soon after birth and was left to fate. He had nobody to look after him and was lonely.

chimp was abandoned

2. The Rescue

The poor fellow did not even get a chance to bond with his mother. One of the staff members felt pity on him and brought him home so that he can be looked after properly.

chimp was abandoned

3. His Getting Used to the Surroundings

The baby chimp looked quite relaxed and started adjusting to his new environment. He showed signs of happiness and did not give a tough time to his master.

chimp was abandoned

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